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Diane Rodgers



In 2019, Diane celebrates her seventh year as a survivor of Breast Cancer. She had a form called Triple Negative, which had a very high likelihood of returning in the first three years. She continues to give the glory to God for healing her and preventing the cancer from returning. 

Though she wasn’t sure if or how God might want to use her experience to help others, she felt she was being called by God to bring others to Him. After recovering from breast cancer, Diane followed ‘the call’ by entering into full time ministry as the Women’s Pastor at Christ Community Church of San Diego, and completing a Master of Divinity at Azusa Pacific Seminary in 2018. 

In her role as Women’s Pastor, she kept finding herself serving others in different ways through the sharing of her story as a breast cancer survivor. It began with speaking at her niece, Janel’s, Girl Scout Breast Cancer Awareness event and sharing her testimony several times during church services. This eventually led to individually counseling several women with breast cancer while they were receiving treatment.

Though she was timid at first about God’s plans for her, with each of these experiences her passion for discipleship and serving others in this way has continually grown over time. Through God’s divine inspiration and by placing her full trust in Him, she began working on plans in 2017 to launch With His Strength Ministries to serve patients, survivors and families of all types of cancer.

Diane has a B.S. in Agriculture from CSU Chico. She worked in the interior landscaping industry for 20 years, managing and working with clients to provide beauty in their homes and work spaces.  Diane also received a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Regis University and worked in the IT field for more than 10 years. She graduated with a Master of Divinity from Azusa Pacific Seminary in December 2018.

Mark Van Etten

Pastor Mark Van Etten.jpg

Mark is a cancer survivor.  In 2018, he celebrated his seventh year of complete remission from an extremely aggressive form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  He attributes his remarkable recovery from cancer and his miraculous recovery from another life-threatening illness three years prior to the work of God.  The people who came alongside to provide support and pray for him throughout the journey proved invaluable. Those experiences only deepened Mark’s love, faith and trust in our loving God.

Azusa Pacific Seminary provided the opportunity for Mark and Diane Rodgers to meet and become classmates.  He and his wife, Robin, soon became good friends and prayer partners with Diane.  Mark became interested in Diane’s vision for With His Strength Ministries in its very early stages and felt called to play a role as the ministry developed. 

Mark is compelled to use his experiences in caregiving, illness and cancer to serve others as they navigate the difficult course through cancer.  He is passionate to share and model the love of Jesus Christ. He delights in connecting people to Jesus and helping them cultivate a relationship with Him. It is both his great privilege and pleasure to serve alongside Robin in ministry and in With His Strength Ministries.

Mark has served as Pastor of Ministry Operations, Interim Lead Pastor, and now as a Campus Pastor.  He is an ordained Elder in the Free Methodist Church in Southern California and is earning his Master of Divinity at Azusa Pacific Seminary.  His B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Irvine and previous career in product development and engineering management serve as unexpected prerequisites to his call to full-time ministry.